Sexuality, A Choice or Not?

There is nothing wrong morally with same sex attraction. It is no more complex than opposite sex attraction. Attraction in itself comes with complexities. That is part of life. Complexities are there to help us realize who we really are at the core of our being. Interaction brings up all these complexities of human personality.

Acting on what is natural to you as a person when it comes to sexuality is not a sin. What is sin anyway; but someone’s perception or disagreement of an action that does not validate their own lifestyle. To not live as you were created to live is a gross violation of integrity. Religion preaches this from the pulpit but is far from living it in truth for the most part.

Attraction is attraction and sometimes it makes no sense at all. It just is. Do gay people choose to be attracted to another gay person? No more so than the heterosexual to the opposite sex. Its in the makeup of that human being.
People experiment with sexuality all the time to better understand themselves.
Some are straight, some are gay, some swing either way.

Every one does choose how to respond to attractions if they are not living in complete life denial. Not choosing to do something is also a choice.

Every life on the planet has a purpose for being, be it understood or not. Love knows no gender. Love is the essense and center of all balance.

Sex and the expression thereof is divine of nature. When two come together something in the body chemisty happens that is natural and creates a bonding type of feeling. Thus, the old expression of being twine. Humanity is the one that puts labels on things as being perverted, bad, good, etc. All is experience. All experience is growth or awareness of some kind.

In both the straight and gay life style there can be imbalance on the expression of sexuality. Some simply can not get enough of it. Some are addicted to the sensation of ejaculation or getting fucked, sucked etc…. Sexual dysfunction goes far beyond the realm of not being able to perform or get it up. Sex can become an addiction like food, alcohol or drugs.

Sexual expression is a good thing. Sex is fun or should be. Sex is not completely about pro-creation or even bonding. The sexual act is part of getting in touch with our core being. We are sexual beings. It’s our makeup. Some may disagree with me on this last comment or you may disagree with my whole commentary. Thats fine. Be and live who you are.

Sexuality and spirituality are connected and I say this without using the context of organized religion. If organized religion has a place in your life that is fine. If it does not that is also fine. Just be true to who you are. Live in that integrity, for this is your truth. Live your life in abundance.

Looking in the mirror

You are a beautiful living soul worthy of love. Let this love fill your being. Embrace it, for that love is you. There is no one else like you, for you are unique. There is no error in why you were born as you are. You are a perfect manifestation of the love from which you came. You are light and as light you will shine for all to see. Your value is far beyond diamonds or pearls, and you are a multi-faceted being far greater than your present comprehension.
Now look in the mirror and gaze into your eyes. Do you see it? Look deeper. This is not vanity,to look beyond that exterior which you think is you. You are not your body. Your body is a vehicle that houses your very essence. That essence is good. Look closer within and you will find this. It has always been there. It is there now. Realize this. Your worth is not de-based by what others think or feel about you unless you let it be that way. Do not even entertain that which is contrary to your goodness. That is counter productive. Love you for who you are. Do not let your value be dimenished by anything.
Your brain is a physical mechanism that recieves and plays back what you put into it be it truth or lies. You are not your brain. Your mind controls the very thoughts or programs you have within you. Your mind is the engaging aparatus for putting into motion all that data stored from life experiences and such. Like the body, the brain is not you but another vehicle for expression. Are you programing your brain with positive or negative thoughts? Do you stop yourself or even notice when you get into a negative frame of mind? If not, why not? If a piece of music does not agree with what you like to hear, do you continue to listen or do you turn the station? If a piece of food or beverage tastes bad do you continue to eat or drink it or do you stop partaking? You have a choice. You always do. If you continue to eat, drink or listen to that which is not pleasing to you, do you do so out of courtesy for another as to not make them think bad of you? Does compliance make you more acceptable as a person?
What means more to you; acceptance or integrity? Can you be truly be happy within if you are not being geniune? Can you truly love someone else fully if you do not recognize the importance of self love and feel it? Self love is not vanity, but the appreciation of who you are. Vanity is seeing and valuing that which is only visible to the human eye. The essence of every life is light and love. When you see yourself in that place and live accordingly you will find a balance and peace that will permiate every facet of your life. That will set the stage to attrack that which you desire be it love or abundance.